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Welcome to my castle!

My name is Jeanne d'Arc Whitt and I write fiction for children and teenagers. I live in Quebec, Canada, where I was raised in the French language, although my parents came from the United States. I graduated in history and foreign languages, but as you may guess, fiction has always been my main passion. Since 2010, two of my books got published and I also illustrated a book of poetry written by my father, John Hart Whitt. Learn more about these books in the Publications page.

This is my English-language Website. I created it in view of the eventual English-language publication of one of my books, which is currently being translated. 

But I also made this site because I love sharing my best discoveries and favorite reads. Children's literature, manga, animation, classical ballet, cooking and the Japanese language are just a few of the things that make my life brighter. If, like me, you feel interest for any of them, chances are you will find something here to make you happy. Having a child's sense of wonderment about walking around let's-pretend castle rooms adds to the fun, too.

In The Children's Castle, The Teens' Castle, and The Adults' Castle, you will find many recommendations of books, movies, CDs, games and Websites I enjoyed. Most of the pictures in each room of the castles link to Amazon.com, so you can easily find any product I show.

If you speak French, I suggest you head to my French-language Website, Château Imaginaire, where you will find further information on my books and myself, a blog, commented recommendations, movie previews, book extracts and more.

I will be adding material to this site regularly, so please come back. Do not be shy about leaving comments on any page, writing a message in the Guestbook, or contacting me! And since English is my second language, please forgive any imperfections in the way I write it (if you point out my mistakes to me, I will be glad to correct them).

Have a nice visit!

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